Below is footage which documents Nexamp’s solar array adjacent to my property and where they have fallen short in addressing crucial environmental concerns, particularly stormwater management. Despite assurances, adequate measures to control runoff have not been implemented, leading to significant environmental damage on my land.

The installation has altered the natural landscape, exacerbating the flow of stormwater runoff. This has triggered severe erosion, visibly stripping the forest of vital topsoil and leaf litter. Footage from my property vividly captures the rampant runoff, which now carves through the forest, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. This not only harms the local ecosystem but also poses long-term risks to the biodiversity and stability of the area.

It is imperative for Nexamp to acknowledge these issues and work towards a sustainable solution. Effective stormwater management systems must be implemented to prevent further environmental degradation. The health of the surrounding ecosystems must be a priority to truly uphold the principles of sustainability that solar energy stands for.