In 1995 when I was developing web sites, prospective clients said to me:
“We have a fax machine — we don’t need email,” and “The World Wide Web is a fad — the hula-hoop of the 90s!”

Only a year later those same people called me back saying:
“Can you come and explain that Internet thing to us again?”

That is when I became an Internetologist.  I have been learning and riding that wave ever since.

This means that I help my clients understand how to get the most out of the Web. I consider myself a true partner in the projects that I direct. I get results. If your goal is to sell automotive accessories to a world-wide market, to publish a daily newspaper, build an online revenue stream for your business, to capture eyeballs with an online ad campaign, or just to have a web site that actually works, I have the experience, vision and know-how to make it happen.


Web Based Technology Developer

Expert experience in: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Cold Fusion, Mac OS, MySQL, Javascript Libraries, WordPress.
Advanced experience in: Dreamweaver, InDesign, Word, Excel, FileMaker, BBEdit.

I manage a large portfolio of web sites, ranging from auto dealerships, health care providers and ecommerce sites to yoga studios, artists and spiritual teachers.  See examples here.

I am comfortable managing web hosting, and integrate use of web applications developed with Cold Fusion or PHP and MySQL, WordPress CMS and Shopsite or WooCommerce Ecommerce to develop simple to complex web-based architectures.

I have advanced understanding of WordPress and theme customization, widgetized content, responsive design for mobile viewing, and the use and deployment of plug-ins that extend the WordPress functionality.

Does your website need updating? Did you build it back in 2010? Is it older? Are you ready to really make the web part of your business? Contact me so that we can discuss what the web can do for you.

Reach out for more information.


Creative Direction for Online Marketing

As marketing budgets get smaller, advertisers seeking alternatives are increasingly looking to the web. The visual impact and accountability of online promotions make it an attractive buy for the savvy marketer.

But how does your landing page work?  What does the creative you are using say about your business and how does it relate to your market?  What happens to the lead once you’ve captured their attention?

There’s always something to learn, and there’s are ways to make sure you get the most out of your advertising effort.

Please call me or email me before you buy any internet advertising.


Online Strategy for Website Publishers

What’s Web 2.0? Do you Tweet? Have you ever used MailChimp, Constant Contact or Active Campaign? Are you being authentic?

There are a lot of ways to use the web to get your job done. I know how and where to look. I work with an array of ASPs and ISPs to accomplish your goals.

There is a generation of people having relationships through the internet. Friendships and loyalties are formed through electronic communication. Being connected.

Maybe you are ready for a real internet business. I helped a parts manager at a local auto dealership develop an online parts and accessories business that has grown into a half-million dollar grossing e-commerce operation.

Please call me or email me to set up a meeting where I can listen to your ideas.


Let’s Take the Next Step Together

Other forms of Contact:

Mobile: 413-230-8773  |  USPS: Box 417, Williamsburg, MA 01096-0417